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10 Artists to Get Inspired By

All From Pickering ArtFest

1. Wool 4 Ewe

This artist has the cutest little craft idea. Here is their story as stated on their website:

 "Wool 4 Ewe had a small flock of ewes, in Ontario. Most of our ewes were of the Dorset breed. Our lambs were generally born in May as singles or twins. Triplets occurred, but not as often.

Our ewes spent most of their time outdoors. This way they could exercise and spend as much time as they wanted in the fresh air and sunshine. They had access to a barn, of course, and came in whenever they liked. They were sheared in the spring and their soft, warm fleeces are used to make our products.

From here we graduated to our Wool 4 Ewe Mill. We can now process various fibers from fleeces to rovings, batts or rug yarn. We also sell batts and roving and rug yarn along with all the items seen on the website. Come see how fiber is processed!"

Check out their website! :)

2. Glass By Jo

Glass Crafts are always fun and they make gorgeous jewelry, it can also be hard to find artists that use glass as their medium. Her work is simply gorgeous, check it out for yourself! :)

Check out her website! :)

3. Chez Fleur

Chez Fleur makes a wide variety of creative and fancy flower pots, it might sound simple but you only need to take one look at her work to be impressed. Take a look for yourself. 

Check out their website!

4. Jenn Fisher Photography

She's new to the Pickering art community but has already caught lots of attention.

Or Her Facebook Page!

5. Athena's Diaper Cakes

When I first heard diaper cakes, I thought it was going to be something edible, but it's actually something much more fun and practical. 

As stated on the website: "Diaper cakes are not just novelty items. They are carefully and lovingly created by hand and are as functional as they are attractive."

Her products aren's just made of diapers, she has baby clothes cupcakes too... and they are adorable! 

Athena's Diaper Cakes have caught lots of attention from her creative ideas, she's even been on TV.

Cupcakes Made of Baby Clothes!

She's even been on TV!

Check out her website!

And Her Facebook Page

6. Everlasting Gemstones

Calming oils and beads all in one. This artist makes jewelry with calming meditation stones and calming oils... and people love it! 

7. Marie and Ellen Glass Art

It was hard for me to find information online about these two, their online presence seems to be mostly photos taken of old work at past art shows. 

I did find this though: "Marie and Ellen Glass Art, stained and fused glass and stepping stones for gardens."

8. Dars Knits and Photography

Check them out on Yelp!

9. Nelly's Creations

Nelly's Creations seem to focus mostly on clay and pottery house decor, but isn't planning on staying on only one medium. As stated on the website, she seems to do pretty much any kind of crafting: "Nelly's Creations is a one-stop shop for people seeking diverse and one of a kind items."

Check out her website! :)

10. 1OAK leather

As found on their website: "For 40 years John Barker has been providing employees of the Toronto Zoo with customized leather belts, each one beautifully handcrafted to fit the personality and style of each individual. Under new creative hands in 2017, we are expanding to provide the rest of the world with beautiful handcrafted leather goods." 

Check out their website! :)

All Artists Are From the Pickering Local Artfest

This year's Artfest is only a week away and it has a long list of Artists coming in for some fun. It can be hard to get an idea of who is going to be there from just a list of names, so here is a closer look at what kind of art is going to be there this year.

What is it? - Artfest on the Esplanade: "A Lishman Celebration"

When is it? - Saturday, May 26

Where is it? - Esplanade Park, Pickering Civic Complex

What time is it? - 11 AM - 5 PM

Here is a description of the event from the Pickering Community Website: "Every summer, Esplanade Park comes alive with music, dance, crafts, and singing, along with children's art areas and artists demonstrations. This free arts event will include over 90 artists from across the province who show and sell a fantastic variety of original art which includes Paintings (Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour), Photography, Pottery, Wood Carvings, Jewellery, Hand Made Rugs, Stationary and Candles, and more!"

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10 Artists to Get Inspired By
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