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10 Tips to Save Money While Traveling

Traveling Hacks

  1. AirBnB. Way cheaper than hotels, AirBnB are places where you can get a room or even an entire place. Hosts can rent just one room or several or they can rent out and entire house and/or apartment. 
  2. Don't ever take a taxi. They are expensive as frick, so you are better off using Uber or Lift.
  3. Public Transportation. Figure out where buses go and see if they go to the town, city, or nearby street you are getting to. Also, some countries offer deals like a one-week train pass for $50.
  4. Rent a car. If you are traveling with a few other people and you all have your own bags and such, then it might be easier to have your own car. It's inconveniently a hassle to always move your baggage around with you, especially when you have a different place to stay every night. Also it's nice to have a safe place to keep your things.
  5. The more people you have, the better (within reason). It helps to have other people to split the cost of things but you have to keep in mind that adding another person will boost the cost but not by much. 
  6. Only have a carry-on bag and a personal item. Try not to waste extra money on purchasing a checked bag unless you will be gone for over a month. It is possible to do, even though some would disagree.
  7. Only pack the necessities. Only bring along what you really need or will use. Like, do you really need this second pair of jeans that looks exactly the same as the first?
  8. Don't go out to eat every night. Save some money and buy groceries which you can make dinner with at the kitchen of your AirBnB. You never realize how much you spend on eating out until you add it all up, so save yourself and spend that money on gifts or something else. Besides, you can make some killer dinners with only a few ingredients.
  9. Travel in the off season. Prices of most attractions will go down when there are not as many tourists around. 
  10. Go to less popular attractions. Yes, there are many popular places to see, but there are also several gorgeous destinations that not many people know of. And these places are usually not as expensive to get into.
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10 Tips to Save Money While Traveling
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