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16 Instagram Travel Feature Accounts That Feature Your Posts

Instagram Algorithm

Feature accounts are great resources to make your Instagram posts be seen by more people who are not following you. Instagram users who are following these feature pages will see their repost of your pictures with credit, and those who are interested to see more from you will click on your profile and will potentially follow you. It is an alternative way to make your posts be seen WITHOUT being on someone's explore page.

Don't know which pages you should tag? We've got you covered!

One thing you should know about tagging feature pages.

These pages do not need to repost your content, but it doesn't mean you have wasted your 20 tags of tagging these accounts. These pages will receive a notification from you and they will at least like your post. Instagram users can also find your post on the feature pages' relevant hashtags, so there is no harm in tagging feature pages; it can increase your content exposure on Instagram.

Let's get started!

1. Instagram

Instagram is the most popular, original feature page that will repost inspiring, interesting, and colourful content. Don't be overwhelmed when you see Instagram has almost 300 million followers, they repost content from creators with less than 2k followers, which means anyone can get a chance to be reposted by Instagram.

2. HuntgramCuration

Using #huntgram or #huntgramcuration, this page reposts landscapes of small towns and exotic places. HuntgramCuration's feed has a mysterious vibe so you may want to tag them if you have images of interesting architecture, forests, rocks, smokes, and so on.

3. WeAreTravelGirls

Yes to female travellers! We all love empowering women and enjoy lives! This page is also suitable for female entrepreneurs who would love to inspire other women to live their best life working independently and travelling anytime, anywhere. Don't forget to use #wearetravelgirls.

4. Instagood

Instagood is one of the biggest Instagram feature pages. Having over 800k followers, it features mainly landscapes with long light exposures, drone landscapes, and highly saturated images.

Sunrise at Mount Batur, Bali

5. 2instagood

The second page of Instagood, 2instagood features fashion portraits for women. These portraits are more like the editorial side. Personally, I like to merge my travel photos with some modeling poses and expressions, so this page suits content creators who like travelling and confident in posing.

6. TravelingPost

Using #travelingpost, TravelingPost features landscapes and portraits of exotic locations, beaches, fields, resorts, and sometimes cities. Their feed has a light color, pastel vibe that drives the attention of aesthetics like you.

7. JustGoShoot

Using #justgoshoot, JustGoShoot claims that they "provide exposure to underrated photographers and to bring together the community". Their feed has a mysterious, dark, artistic mood that is suitable for urban photographers for content submission. Such a moody vibe has given the audience a different view of the city, especially in night time.

8. Travel_Featured

Using #travelfeatured, the operators behind this page have great communication and engagement with their audience and contributors. This page highly repost content from underrated travellers and photographers.

9. ThePeoplesCreatives

Using #peoplescreatives, this page features portraits and landscapes with interesting and twisted composition, just imagine you are in a modern art gallery, those bizarre pictures are what they're looking for. If you love fine art photography with a twist of travelling, this page is for you!

10. PassionPassport

Using #passionpassport and contacting [email protected], Passion Passport reposts inspiring pictures of iconic tourist spots, architecture, drone landscapes, and portraits of cultural diversity. Their images tell stories about humankind and the beauty of the world.

11. DiscoverEarth

Using #discoverearth, Discover Earth features landscapes mainly in the colours of black, blue, green, and white. If you have taken pictures of enormous wild animals, volcanoes, mountains, and seas, tag them and expect a notification!

12. TheOutbound

The Outbound mainly features snow mountains, far away landscapes, skies, and hiking shoots. It is suitable for submissions from hikers, campers, and backpackers.

13. FolkMagazine

By contacting @benashby.co and [email protected], Folk features lifestyle of backpackers and campers who travel to waterfalls, creeks, and mountains. Folk runs a seasonal theme where you can divide their theme into summer and winter, wet and dry.

14. LiveFolk

Using #lifeofadventure, LiveFolk features landscapes and wild animal close-ups. Their images are mysterious and dramatic, so if you are the type of traveller or photographer that likes to over-edit pictures and into a dark, moody vibe, this page is for you!

15. BestVacations

Using #bestvacations, if you have been to some insanely beautiful and interesting places for a holiday, you must tag @bestvacations! Best Vacation features the crazy places you have been to, also giving you an idea of where you should stay on your next holiday!

16. MonoArt

Using #monoart, Mono Art features artistic landscapes and architecture from a creative's view. If you look at the world as a composition of geometrics and shapes, submit your images to Mono Art and fingers crossed for a feature!

And here you go, 16 Instagram travel feature pages that will enhance your social media exposure and make your creation and experiences seen by more people who want to go on amazing holidays like you do! What other travel feature pages would you recommend?

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16 Instagram Travel Feature Accounts That Feature Your Posts
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