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4 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Long Weekend Road Trip

If there's a long weekend coming up and you want to go on a road trip, you have to make plans for it to be epic.

Friend 1: "Hey, we have a long weekend coming up. What are your plans?"

Friend 2: "No plans yet... Wanna go on an epic road trip?"

Friend 1: "Great idea!"

Friend 2: "Alright! Let's get the gang together and hit the road. Pack a toothbrush, and we'll just wing it!"

Friend 1: "But I don't own a toothbrush!"

After eight hours of "winging it," the gang still hasn't found any available accommodations.

It is a long weekend after all, and everything got booked weeks in advance.

Sound familiar?

If there's a long weekend coming up and you want to go on a road trip, you have to make plans for it to be epic. While winging it is a lot of fun and an adventure in its own right. Unless you pack a tent, the thing that happened to our hypothetical gang can happen to you.

For an unforgettable road trip, you need to have a solid plan. Here are four tips that can help you make it happen.

Tip 1: Pick a worthy destination.

A long weekend only lasts a few days and you need to make the most out of it. Were you dreaming about a coastal retreat or a sojourn up in the mountains? If you're longing to visit a place that's within striking distance by car, then go for it!

Choose a destination that you know you can reach using four wheels (or two, if you own a hog) while still having enough time to enjoy all the sights. Google Maps is your BFF on this, and the app will list all the nearby spots worth visiting.

Tip 2: Prep your car.

Cars are the real superstars in any road trip, so you need to make sure that the one you're taking is roadworthy. If you're renting a vehicle, do a quick car history check here. Make sure the rental car was just serviced recently.

If you're taking your own vehicle, do the B.L.O.W.B.A.G check if you're handy with car repairs. "Blowbag" stands for brakes, lights, oil, water, battery, air, and gas. If you don't know what a socket wrench is, take your car to an authorized service center, pronto. Oh, and make sure the entertainment system on your car works or else it’s going to be a boring drive! If you’re not into cars, you can always rent a bike and ride on the city streets! 

Tip 3: Know your budget.

Your budget will dictate how far you can go and where you'll end up. One of the worst things that can happen is running out of money during a vacation! Make a spreadsheet of expenses such as fuel, accommodations, food, drinks, sightseeing tickets, etc.

Setting a budget allows you to choose a drive that has plenty of restaurants, towns and beautiful landmarks along the way. You'll never go overboard on accommodations, either. If a place is too expensive and above your limit, move to the next one.

Tip 4: Make reservations in advance.

Booking accommodations a week or more before your road trip is well worth the effort. If you book a month in advance, you get first dibs on the best rooms in any hotel. You may even get an early bird promo, and you'll be secure in knowing that a warm bed is waiting for you after a long drive.

Make sure you do your research on where you're staying. Customer reviews and social media make a world of difference.

Now that you're armed with tips on how to plan the ultimate, long weekend road trip, don't forget your friends! Good company equals a dang good time!

Have fun, drive safe and embrace the experience of an epic road trip.

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4 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Long Weekend Road Trip
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