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4 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

Travel and Health Tips

by Cosmas Nwokafor

Traveling is one of the most invigorating activities we can consider: meeting new people, exploring a culture, discovering new smells in other latitudes, and other pleasurable expectancies. Although we undertake trips for pleasure and business, they have their share of stress, both mentally and physically. Long stays abroad can be exhausting. It is therefore important to exercise caution and take the necessary measures to avoid the inconvenience that could spoil your vacation.

It is important to listen to your body after a long journey, or even a long walk. You need to learn how to measure the exhaustion of your body and never neglect the hours of sleep. Traveling can be hard on the body, as it often involves sitting for several hours, whether on the road, on a train or on an airplane. Make sure you find a suitable place and time to give your body adequate rest. Switching from one time zone to another and the hassle of crossing borders and customs is exhausting; the body must pause. Without rest, you will not work effectively, and the primary goal of a trip, fun, is likely to suffer.

Once arrived at your destination, you can easily be anxious, especially when you visit a country that has made you dream for a long time. We want to respect a travel plan as not to miss important sites, but also enjoy a maximum and wander the streets. You may not fully enjoy your travel purpose if you are out of energy or if you easily get tired. Travel should not be treated as a series of tasks to be accomplished. It's nice to have a program, but be flexible and ready to meet the unexpected. That is why you have to be fit. Whatever your route, go slowly and understand that you can never see everything in a foreign city unless to live there.

Use the following four tips to make sure you stay healthy while traveling!

Tip One — Well Eating And Handling

Our body needs calories to work properly. When you're traveling, whether you're in lazy mode, shopping mode or adventure mode, we eat a lot more calories than normal. It is necessary to think about eating well. At least three to four daily meals, which should contain meats, starchy foods, fruits and vegetables to be able to stay in shape and to avoid the feeling of relapse that makes us turn directly towards the sweets. Do not forget to drink a lot of water, because your body dehydrates faster, whether you are in the sun or in the snow.

Tips On How: Go shopping and have breakfast in your hotel room: you will eat more and avoid the sweet choices of coffee menus. Always have a small bottle on you that you can fill in a coffee or drinking fountain, and on the beach. Also, take preference for the fruits to the hot donuts!

Tip Two — Walking

Even if your idea of a dream vacation is to laze by the beach or the pool without moving a finger, you must take advantage of the time before you to do good to your body. Between long walks on the sand at sunset or discovery of the monuments of the ancient city, the daily walk is your friend. Not only will you lose weight very quickly but you will gain beautiful tapered legs.

Tip On How: Always have a good walking shoe for the first days of travel — walking in sandals is pretty, but it's the fastest way to find you with painful blisters!

Tip Three — Swim

Whether in the waves of a tropical beach or the swimming pool of your hotel, swimming will not only do good to your body but also for your spirit! Immersion in water is a close experience of meditation.

Swimming, and water sports in general, are also activities that increase our cardio abilities the most and burn the most calories. So drop your magazine and dive into the water, you will have a beautiful tiredness and your body will thank you.

Tip On How: Whatever your destination, never travel without a swimsuit, who knows when you will have the opportunity to dive?

Tip Four — Rest

After a long day of discoveries, your body needs to recover. The muscles continue to burn calories and develop at rest. Plan relaxing moments during the day and try to respect your seven to eight hours of “beauty sleep.”

If you have the opportunity, why not end your day in style with a massage?

Tip On How: If you plan to party until the end of the night, consider resting the day, eat well and hydrate yourself.

Probably, if you returned from your escapade you end up with 2 more pounds on the scale ... Catastrophe? Not really, the one or two kilo deviations can be related to water retention and are not really a sign of gaining weight. Try to apply these tips even after you get home and you'll always be at the top of your form!


To travel safely and well, be prepared, take the time to learn about your destination and do not neglect the basic rules of well-being. But above all, have fun!

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4 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling
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