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5 of the Most Beautiful Towns in Northern Spain

Move over Barcelona, we show you some of your fav towns in the North of Spain!

Cadaqués: Authors Own Image

We found that Spain is filled with hidden beauties. Well known to many for cities like Barcelona or Madrid, the north of the country is overlooked without good reason. Here we found mesmerizing beaches, snow-covered mountains, and outstanding gastronomy. Whether you are looking for a relaxing beachside holiday or just a small historic village, you can find it all in Northern Spain. Always being on the move to these amazing places did take a toll on us, so make sure you top of your health!


If you are looking for a seaside town with a lot of history, Lastres is right up your alley.

Hidden between the mountains and sea. Lastres was famous in the medieval days for whale hunting and rose to fame in recent times for being the background on the show “Don Mateo.” If you are into surfing, catch some waves in Playa San Antolín. For those interested in family activities, go out on an expedition to the Bufones De Pria.

Santillana Del Mar

Considered by many as the most beautiful town in the Cantabrian province, Santillana Del Mar is visited by thousands because of the historical attractions in the area, such as the Colegiata de Santa Juliana, which has been included in the UNESCO world heritage list as a part of the famous Camino de Santiago. Other points of interest are the Plaza Mayor de Ramón y Pelayo, the Ermita de Santa Justa, and the paleolithic Altamira Cave.


Burgos is one of the most world-renowned medieval towns in Spain. The town is filled with landmarks, from the UNESCO listed Cathedral of Saint Mary with its twin towers and the tomb of El Cid to the Arco de Santa María. For those with kids, take a trip to the Burgos Castle for a top view of the city, or head over to The Museum of Human Evolution.


Situated within the province of Vizcaya, this tiny fishing village is famous for being built around a cliff. The town looks as if it is suspended over the sea. The views are magical, and if you manage a trip down to the port, you will find the freshest seafood in the Basque Country. We recommend trying Atxarre, you will be eating among the locals with superb views of the local famous waves.


Getaria is another jewel within the Basque Country. This beautiful village is worth the visit to see the mouse-shaped Mount San Antón. While in Getaria head to beaches (Gaztetape, Malkorbe) afterward make your way to the seaport where you'll be able to enjoy the sun while enjoying a aperitivo and freshly caught seafood.

If soaking up the sun is not really your thing, you can always go for a wine tasting around the numerous vineyards and enjoy a glass (or several) of their trademark, Txakoli. For those looking for cultural activities, the 15th century Iglesia de San Salvador is a gothic masterpiece. Getaria is also home to The Balenciaga Museum, where visitors are able to see some of the best work of Spanish fashion designer Cristobal Balenciaga (known as the architect of fashion).


While the Basque Country is more famous for cities like San Sebastián or Bilbao, Lekeitio is a hidden gem. It only takes a look to fall in love with the beaches of Isuntza, Karraspio and the incredibly gorgeous Saint Nicholas island. When strolling into town, make sure to visit the Asunción de Santa María Basilic and the palaces of Uriarte and Oxangoiti for a bit of architectural knowledge.

Enjoy a last hurray around Lekeitio, by going out to the bars and having the typical pintxos, the Basque version of tapas. 

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5 of the Most Beautiful Towns in Northern Spain
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