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A Paradise


A paradise in Dominican Republic

Hello, I want to tell you about my adventure in the Domician Republic. I want to share about what I have seen and where I've been to. My friend and I went to the Dominican Republic for a vacation, and some volunteering work. I had to pack some unusual things. I had to bring some extra things that they might not have there–their country is strict. They had to look through my suitcase at the border. But from the airplane, I look out of the window, and everything look different. All of my worries were gone. The view was breathtaking! It's so beautiful from the minute you step out of the airplane. 

Everything is so green and fresh compared to where I live. There was less pollution, and the sky was so clear. The highway was so busy, and there were many motorcycles and cars passing through. The houses were so far apart. You could go for miles until the next house. There were tons of fields of crops and plants. Like one in the picture above.  It’s also so cheap to visit there. There was a variety of food. Their food is amazing. I love to eat, so I could eat more for less. I had to bleach our fruits and vegetables before I used them. Their food cleaning systems are different than where I live. Normally, you clean it after you harvest them. They just harvest them, and rinse them, then sell them. So I had to bleach our vegetables and fruits before we eat them. If you gonna cook it, you don’t have to bleach them. Their currency is different as well. I experienced so much there. I feel so alive! I love it there. 

You can look at the picture and say it’s beautiful. But it’s much better if you were there. I always said the Dominican Republic is a nice place, but it’s meant differently when I visit there. It’s breathtaking, and I couldn’t describe it. I’m speechless, I experienced so much when I was there. I experience things that I never thought I would be able to do. I rode a motorcycle for the first time in my life. It’s so fun, and I love it. I felt so free and alive. It was like a paradise. I didn’t want to leave. I wish it was my life. I wouldn’t replace it for anything in the world. It holds a special place in my heart.

But, at the same time, it’s sad to see people who live there. The lands and the foods are rich and beautiful. But the country is so poor. You would see so many people are dirty, and have few clothes while they are struggling to provide for their family. Some of them have several jobs to able to provide for their family. The meals they eat are rice and beans. Rarely they would have three meals a day. I would ride a motorcycle taxi to do groceries shopping. I always tip them. I know it’s huge to them–it would help their families. I remember when I had to do laundry, sometimes I had to wait until the water came on. The whole town has one water tank–that’s for the whole town. So it’s when you wash your hands, dishes, and clothes. So when water is gone, you would have to wait until it’s filled up. I felt so bad for them. After I came home, I learned that I had to appreciate what I have. I had more than them. I want to use my efforts and time to help others. The Domician Republic is a beautiful place to go. I hope you visit there in the future. 😁

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A Paradise
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