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A Slow Tempo - Bike Tours in Madrid

Get to Know Madrid Intimately

A Grand Design

When time happens to be on your side in un-explored cities, then there just so happens to be a world of possibilities that follow. And that's not to say that less time is a bad thing necessarily, as you can still find enjoyment from what you see in a smaller window; the point we're trying to convey is the longer you have, the more comfortable one can be in carving out the day ahead. 

We've all been in the same situation at one point or other: arriving somewhere new with a never-ending list of possibilities that lie just outside of a temporary doorstep. When we think about potential activities for discovery, we always tend to offer a completely different perspective, a perspective that not only changes the answers of such questions, but the questions themselves. So we propose this, if you happen to find yourself in Spain, the best activity to begin your journey can be felt with just a pinch of locality and individual exercise. That's right, we're talking about bike tours (specifically bike tours in Madrid). 

The benefits of bike touring in Madrid will un-ravel itself further and further with each word you read in this article, and we've gone to great lengths to provide an accurate account on this particular activity in hope that you will gain a different perspective when creating a potential itinerary for visiting the beautiful city of El Foro. You see not only does cycling around a city give you a variety of health benefits, but it also allows you to whir past potential places to visit on other days during your stay. Even once the sun itself begins to capsize will you have the chance to discover some really interesting night-life restaurants/bars that you would otherwise miss had you not discovered them on your day of exploration – then again there is always the night tour; be sure to move at a pace you're comfortable with, that's the biggest piece of advice we can give you – this should be apparent as soon as you mount your shiny metal steed. 

Madrid itself is home to some of the world's most awe-inspiring locales. That is true, but just how you navigate and weave through these locations has always existed in a world of personal interpretation. There are many different tours to choose from, each with their own theme and route. Areas you might see on your ride include: the ancient Egyptian Templo de Debod, the Royal Theatre, Royal Palace, Almudena Cathedral, Plaza de la Paja, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, St Ann´s Square, Paseo del Prado, Retiro Park, Alcala Gate and Cibeles Square. 

BravoBike will be a name that you'll see appear a lot, they happen to have multiple tours that cover most, if not all of the locations listed above. BravoBike can tend to be a little expensive so keep in mind that there are some cheaper options available if you happen to be budgeting. A lot of the reviews for BravoBike do tend to lean on the positive side, claiming the knowledgable guides and locations offer something a fraction more in-depth. 

Trixi Madrid is yet another name we suggest looking into, they delve into a lot of city locations. This is the other side of the coin (literally) compared to that of BravoBike, Trixi is the cheaper option but don't let that take too much out of your decision: Trixi Madrid is great at capturing cityscapes all while encompassing the feeling of what it would be like to experience this everyday amongst blue skies and euphoria. All bike tours – no matter which company you choose – will always have a different length of time with an average of three hours on all rides. There will be times were you will stop for potential photographs and things of the like, so don't fret if you feel like you aren't stopping to smell the roses, the roses will wait. 

Although we only mentioned two names here, you should know that there are a lot of other companies to choose from, each are as multi-faceted than the other and should be treated as such. Remember, bike tours permit one to follow quiet back streets away from city traffic, ride through cycling paths, pedestrian zones and parks discovering a kaleidoscope of different emotions thanks to the rich visual aids that cascade throughout each and every locale; all of which yearning for the slightest part of your attention.  

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A Slow Tempo - Bike Tours in Madrid
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