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My Thoughts on the Place

NEMO Museum Rooftop 

Amsterdam really is an understated gem of Europe. With so much to do all year round, in all weather, there isn’t really a bad time to go. With the sun brings beautiful scenery and long evening strolls but even with the rain, there’s many museums and closed roof boat tours to pass the time. Appealing to a younger crowd with sex shops and legal highs, its beautiful parks and arty culture mean there really is something for everyone. The Ajax Stadium also appeals to those football lovers and with cheap tickets, why not go and see a game or explore the stadium on a tour? The city is clean with outstanding public transport, making it easy to travel around and see this wonderful city whether it be by bus, boat, or tram. It also prides itself on brilliant cycle lanes encouraging both locals and tourists to explore with their bikes, boasting exquisite parks to cycle through and enjoy. The more you wander the more you find here. With sweet cafes, fantastic food, and beautiful canal views make you sure travel out of the main centre to enjoy even more of this outstanding city.

Amsterdam is split between sex and weed and unbelievable museums and picturesque parks. When arriving at Central Station you’re met with erotic stores, 420 cafes, and tourist shops. If this is what you came for, it's definitely the hot spot. The red light district is a must and with the eye-opening Museum of Prostitution, this is the ideal spot for Hens and Stags overflowing with sex and booze. The party scene here is full on with many pubs and clubs offering cheap shots and a good time. The Ice Bar is also great fun, with ice glasses, cheap Heinnekken, and strong cocktails to enjoy in minus temperatures—it definitely seems popular with the tourists. Although this is definitely only one small part of the city, with it offering so much more then it’s legal weed and the red light district.

The more you seek away from Central Station, the more you find. In particular is the arty culture which lies within the fascinating museums and normal cafes. The Van Gogh Museum is fantastic and Museumplein is a must to see the most beautiful galleries and artwork. And for the less conventional types, the Banksy Museum is super cool and right next to the IAMAMSTERDAM Sign. A small museum displaying Banksy’s work, along with another ever-changing exhibition, it creates a funky modern museum. Again the more you explore, the more you discover, which is how we stumbled across Glow Golf and the NEMO Museum with the most beautiful rooftop and views of Amsterdam. This science museum is perfect for all ages and delves into Science in the most exciting and interesting ways. Glow Golf is also fun for all the family, set up as a glow in the dark and 3D inside mini golf. You could easily spend a day in this part of town with beautiful views of the river and lots to do. Delving into Amsterdam’s creative culture is truly intriguing and so much fun. You won’t want to leave!

Of course, Amsterdam has its more famous attractions like Anne Frank’s house and the Heineken Tour but there is much more to see and do than just these. You could sit for hours in Vondelpark enjoying the fountains and stunning scenery or rent a pedlow so you can explore the canals yourself. A boat or bus tour should definitely be on your list. I suggest doing this first so you can see which sights you'd be interested in seeing more of. Essentially, be sure to stop and see the Tulips, because there is so much you can miss out on in this beautiful city.

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Katy Gardner
Katy Gardner

I have a huge passion for travel. Currently travelling Europe with my partner. All about sharing my travel knowledge to encourage everyone else to go on adventures.

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