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Aspects of Belfast

Photography at Its Best

Belfast Peace Wall 2018.

The peace lines or peace walls first appeared in Northern Ireland in 1969, after sectarian trouble first flared up across the Province. Believe it or not, in 2018, they are still there keeping different religious factions apart and are a must for any tourist visiting Belfast or Northern Ireland.

The tourist tours will take you to see the different murals around the city of Belfast and the peace walls.

The purpose of the peace walls is to maintain peace between communities, which is what they do in the main.

Other nations have their own peace walls around the world, and in recent years many barriers have been put up as peoples move from nation to nation. Northern Ireland is one of the last nations on earth to still have peace walls after 20 years of peace.

As you can see from my photo above, this peace wall has become a thing of strange beauty and draw for the street artists of Belfast, Northern Ireland and beyond. As they colour it with their expressions of art, with photographs of it reaching millions, this wall travels the world through many social media sites and personal blogs, such as this one, and others.

Other parts of Northern Ireland to have peace walls such as Londonderry/Derry and Portadown, and none of them seems to be coming down anytime soon—which is sad in 2018.

Our nation of Northern Ireland has been through so much in the last seven decades, and though the peace is a fragile one, most in Northern Ireland get on with each other, and even more when they meet while they are on holidays in other nations.

I believe when you live in a nation, not of your own, or are just visiting another nation on holidays, it is best to learn as much as you can about that nation for your own learning, and so you can teach others of your experiences, and of course take as many photos as you can around that nation, for your own records and memories, and to share those records and memories with others.

Northern Ireland is a gem on the island of Ireland, and most visit, be it for the artistic murals, where history is displayed upon the gable walls, or it is the various peace walls in Belfast and in other parts of Northern Ireland.

As I have already written, photography comes in many guises, be it about human life, nature, or in this case for historical and artistic sharing.

All of us have stories within us, which in recent years can now be brought forth for millions to see and enjoy on your social media sites, with this one being a must for those who wish to reach a new audience and to learn from others around the world about their own unique stories.

So find some time with no distractions and let your mind slowly bring forth your own unique story, and share it with the world, today.

If you ever get the chance to visit the beautiful City of Belfast, Northern Ireland, make sure you book yourselves a mural and peace walls tour, which will enhance your journey with amazing art-work and of course the existing peace walls of this world.

Belfast, Northern Ireland has also many other tours to take in on your trip with the Titanic Exhibition Center a must also.

Then if you wish to travel outside of Belfast, you can also visit Carrickfergus, where King Billy travelled through on his way to the Battle of the Boyne and also the amazing and beautiful North Coast and the Giants Causeway, and of course, locations where the Game of Thrones was made, and even Star Wars.

These are but a few locations of a multitude of them to visit in not only Belfast but in Northern Ireland, where a warm welcome is always given to those visiting this part of the Emerald Isle.

Visit Belfast this fall and winter or even next year in 2019, then from there expand your visit to the rest of Northern Ireland, you will be amazed at what awaits you in the magical Provence.

Happy visiting and happy snapping.

Best Wishes: