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Aspects of Belfast

Reflections of a Belfast Shipyard—Part One

Belfast in a  Mural.

No matter where you are in Belfast, Northern Ireland you cannot fail to miss the imposing shipyard cranes Samson and Goliath, which can be seen from all parts of Belfast City, north, south, east and west, these two cranes are in the heart of Belfast Shipyard in East Belfast and are well worth a visit if you are visiting Belfast.

There are also tours to these location, especially with the hop on, hop off tour buses, but if you are mobile these locations can be found if you search them out yourselves.

The Mighty Samson and Goliath Cranes

East Belfast.

As you can see above, Samson and Goliath, the shipyard cranes dominate East Belfast and the Belfast Skyline, and as already written can be seen from all parts of Belfast.

If you ever get the chance to climb Black Mountain in West Belfast, or even Cave Hill in North Belfast you will be able to see and photograph all of Belfast, including the famous shipyard cranes.

A Shipyard Crane

Samson or Goliath.

Both Samson and Goliath, the shipyard cranes look big from a distance, but when you get up close to them it is then you realize how big they really are.

Now these cranes were not around when the Titanic was built, only being finished in construction in 1969, when the troubles in Northern Ireland began this time around.

Goliath stands 96 metres high, whereas Samson is bigger at 106 metres high.

Now if you wish to know which crane is which, Goliath the smaller crane is closest to Belfast city, whereas the large crane Samson is behind his little brother.

Titanic Mural

Shankill Mural.

All sides of the religious divide were affected by the sinking of the Titanic and as already written in other posts, Belfast Shipyard Workers blamed themselves for this fateful tragedy, which saw suicide rates increased and a deep depression hit Belfast and Northern, as it did around the world at the shock of such a tragedy happening to such a grand creation of men.

Belfast, the City of Cranes

Belfast Cranes.

At the moment Belfast City in Northern Ireland is the City of cranes which just goes to prove the amount of money that is being spent on the City for students, housing and the tourist industry.

Yet far more is need before Belfast and Northern Ireland ever catch-up with other tourist hot spots around the world.

After 2 in the morning Belfast entertainment comes to an end, which shocks many who are visiting the city, which is no good for tourism, and as for a Sunday, nothing opens before 1 in the afternoon and then closes again around 10 for most and 1 on Monday morning for the lucky, but as this being a hiving tourist hot spot, this part of the stats is a myth.

I use to be in the entertainment business many moons ago and even in those days of the 90s Belfast was truly alive and full of entertainment.

Northern Ireland has not even got a government at the moment as the politicians still can't get on with each other and this after 20 years of peace, so as for projects being approved or put into swing, pigs will fly first.

Belfast Shipyard and Belfast Lough

Belfast Shipyard.

Belfast Lough is a beautiful scene from Holywood just outside Belfast City and you can walk from the center of Belfast right past the shipyard and along Belfast Lough and watch the wildlife and the ships coming and going out of Belfast Harbour, even Black Mountain in the distance of the above photo is such a beautiful sight at sunset and will give you many beautiful photos if you catch the time right.

So next time you visit Northern Ireland and especially Belfast, take your time to explore the sights of this historical City, and especially its shipyard, the shipyard that built the famous or infamous ocean liner, the Titanic.

Happy exploring and happy snapping.

Best Wishes:


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Aspects of Belfast
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