Acasia Tucker

Follower of Christ, a traveler, a people person, a writer, a coffee addict, Born to Be Loved. Currently: Colorado

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Are You Experiencing Reverse Culture Shock?
10 months ago
Re-entry. It feels like living on another planet in another time. Truly. Especially when you first get home. Everything is different, everything is weird. Your time is thrown off and you’re not sure w...
Best Nightclub in Italy
a year ago
A toga party in a Roman temple? How could I pass it up? In the summer of 2013, I laid in a hammock with a glass of red wine next to me and a book in my hand. I swung back and forth in the little patio...
The Slow Poison of Wanderlust
a year ago
It's past midnight. The grandfather clock in the kitchen rings down its late hours with a calm and steady beat. My temple whirs and spins. Thoughts of the world, the future, different times and spaces...