Amanda Stamper

Works in real estate but would rather be working on political campaigns.

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How To Travel Cheap In Europe
6 months ago
Traveling cheap through Europe has never been easier. With the plunging value of the euro, the increase of budget airlines, and the “sharing economy” (think Airbnb and Uber), it's now easier than ever...
10 Reasons to Visit France
8 months ago
Aaaaahhh, France. Just say the name aloud and the sound of the accordion will begin to play in the background while visions of the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, and Notre Dame slide across your mind. It is...
Best Places to Vacation on the East Coast
a year ago
The east coast usually doesn't get as much love as other vacation destinations across the country, but it's about time that changes. Sure, the weather can be brutal during the winter months, but when ...