An Tran

Recent college graduate in biomedical engineering exploring Japan as an assistant language teacher. 

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Jebi Typhoon Day
15 days ago
It was decided that all schools are canceled due to a “life-threatening typhoon.” However, regardless of whether students are at school, it is expected that teachers be at school, typhoon or shine. Th...
Oh Boy, Oh Boy!!!
15 days ago
First day of school! So exciting and nerve-racking. I don't think I have been this nervous and excited to go to the first day of school since 6th grade! Yes, it was an excruciatingly long period of fo...
Yes (Wo)man
23 days ago
First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the inconsistent verb tenses used throughout this post. I am now officially one week behind on my life, and depending on the topic, some things are be...
Soaking in the Awesome
a month ago
Ah! School is almost starting, and I'm already having trouble keeping up with writing about my life. Well, we left off on Friday, so on Saturday, I woke up at roughly 5AM right when the sun began to r...
Feeling Good
a month ago
And just like that, my first week in Japan has past. This week was been nothing short of incredible. Backtracking, I don't remember too much of what had happened on Wednesday, my second full day in Hi...
Fresh Off the Plane
a month ago
I still can't believe that I'm in Japan! Everything feels so surreal. Today is my first full day in Japan. I woke up at 4 o'clock, and having slept six hours, I was ready to start my day. The sun had ...