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Mundane Adventures
7 months ago
I explored so much of the city today, but I still feel like I barely made a dent in all that I know about it. Today, I exercised my "yes man" attitude and went on a spontaneous adventure exploring the...
Transportation on Point
7 months ago
I have raved about the transportation system in Japan many times before, but I feel that it is necessary to dedicate an entire post on just how exquisite it really is. As I mentioned before, the buses...
Learning Japanese
7 months ago
The Japanese language consists of syllabic scripts, hiragana and katakana, and kanji, Japanese-adopted logographic Chinese characters that are used in the Japanese writing system. It is said that if y...
Karaoke and Settlers of Catan
8 months ago
Today, I volunteered to partake in community lessons. The topic of today was taught by Nick Giannini, and it was about the comparison of comic books between the United States and Japan. As simple as t...
I Love School Lunch
8 months ago
I haven’t had a school lunch for over a decade, and from what I remembered, it was mediocre at best. But boy oh boy am I glad to have the school lunches here. My middle school and all my elementary sc...
Jebi Typhoon Day
9 months ago
It was decided that all schools are canceled due to a “life-threatening typhoon.” However, regardless of whether students are at school, it is expected that teachers be at school, typhoon or shine. Th...