Ashley Peterson

Nurse, mental health blogger at, and living with mental illness.  Author of Psych Meds Made Simple. Writer on Medium.  

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Dreaming of Kyrgyzstan
2 months ago
I have a bit of a silly dream. I say silly because it's totally unrealistic; not unachievable necessarily, but something where the reality would be far different from the fairy tale-ness of the dream....
How to Be a Solo Female Traveller Extraordinaire
4 months ago
While the first time around can be intimidating, travelling alone can be really rewarding. For female solo travellers, there are a few extra precautions that are worth taking, but you can still travel...
One Answer to Nationalism? Travelling
7 months ago
Although greater online connectivity has the potential to break down borders, we've been seeing a surge in nationalism and the desire to firm up borders. Whether we look at Brexit or those supporting ...