Ashly Helfrich

A millennial backpacking through Europe one McDonald’s snack at a time. Lover of all things adventure and food. Writing about my journey in hopes of sharing it with those who love to travel or want inspiration in finding their passions. 

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4 of the Most Stunning Views in Barcelona
6 months ago
Barcelona is one of the most well-known cities in Spain, with rich history and authentic culture. Restaurants advertising paella and tapas line the busy streets as the sun shines down onto the city fu...
The Authentic Saint Patty’s Day Experience
6 months ago
When they say that the streets turn green over Saint Patrick’s Day, they aren’t kidding. Dublin transforms for the weekend into an exciting realm of Irish culture as travelers from all corners of the ...
7 Apps I Never Travel Without
6 months ago
One of the biggest things on my checklist every morning before I leave on my latest European adventure is a charged phone. Even though it sounds very stereotypical of a Millennial traveler, having a p...