Bethany Rollinson

I love life.

Fitness fanatic.

History buff.

Avid reader.

Interesting writer.

I love travelling the world, and exploring new places.

I love watching TV, and seeing how other people live.

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10 Unknown Stories from London
7 months ago
Many wonderfully crazy things have happened in London, England over its many centuries. From finding mice in a lady’s hair being a normality to a one-legged man who travelled up and down a single esca...
Snow in England
a year ago
Well. After all this hot weather, I felt it would be very apt to write my article on the snow we had at the start of the year. This year has definitely been a year of extremes for me in terms of weath...
Have You Ever Stood On an Active Volcano? I Have
a year ago
In the Summer of 2017, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to travel to Sicily, Italy and the chance to climb an old crater on Mount Etna with my mum and younger sister. Mount Etna is the t...