Brian Anonymous

I have tons of opinions that change constantly. I watch a lot of movies and play video games. 

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Asking Someone About Their Ancestry
2 months ago
I recently had a conversation with a friend that had come back to Canada from working overseas. I had asked him what are some differences that he noticed when he came back to Canada after being away f...
Ottawa: the City That Fun Forgot
8 months ago
It’s often said that Ottawa is the city that fun forgot. I’ve always wondered why. There are a ton of things to do and see every weekend in this city and yet it’s still considered boring. After I star...
Traveling: The New Materialism?
9 months ago
This is a bit of a controversial topic that I wanted to write about for a while but never got around to it. I have had countless debates with my friends about it and never came to an agreement. Yes, b...
Lazy Travels? Why Go in the First Place?
9 months ago
One of the big things we have to ask ourselves is what is the purpose of the vacation we're going on? There's no right or wrong answer to that but I find it's sometimes hard to define other than to se...