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The People, The Poetry, and The Passing Places (Pt. 2)
20 days ago
One of the lesser explored areas of Scotland is the lovely Clackmannanshire. This may be down to the fact that perhaps it does not have the most mellifluous sounding of names, but it truly is a wonder...
Here's tae the New Season!
a month ago
Alain deLille is apparently responsible for the origin of the idiom, "All roads lead to Rome;" if that were true, then equally all roads would lead away from it, too! Rome, of course, can be substitut...
Cursed Trees and Blessed Nature
10 months ago
The Summer draws to a close but the biking season is still in full flow. Last week I took a quick jaunt south again. The Scottish borders truly have some wonderful sights, perfect for navigating your ...
'A-Road' Adventures
a year ago
It doesn't take much to get inspired when you have a bike. I work funny shifts, which means I am often free when others aren't. Last week was no exception, when my Girlfriend and I decided to take a s...
Continental Cogs
a year ago
You may think that riding a motorbike is a lonely affair? It can be, and although that is often the appeal, there always comes a time when a friendly face or a gentle soul changes the tone of an adven...
Scottish Motorcycle Diaries
a year ago
Be you an adventure seeker or a treasure hunter, chances are you can tick both boxes by strapping on a bike helmet and heading for the North of Scotland. I recently made the trip to the beautiful Aris...