Camille Hale

Camille. 26. Dallas, TX. Writer of fact, fiction, and anything that comes to mind. Fur-mom to a 9 year old corgi, 3 year old cat, and a beta fish. Pinterest junkie.

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Language Learning Tools For Travelers
7 months ago
The whole point of travel is to experience a culture and environment that is completely outside of your usual day-to-day. That's my view at least. One major way I like to immerse myself further into a foreign destination is to learn a little bit of the language. It's not only fun, but it's incredibly helpful. From what I've heard, the locals love it when you try to communicate with them in their own tongue. Even if you aren't fluent, they admire that you try. When I found out I was going to Sout...
International Travel Planning for Beginners
7 months ago
Everyone travels differently. There are some people who take months and months to plan a trip and then there are some who just pack a bag, go to the airport, and buy a ticket to anywhere. I prefer pla...