Carlos Fox

Off the Beaten Path Spring Break Destinations
4 months ago
Spring is upon us, and so is the time for the much-anticipated break from school. But heading to the crowded beaches or packed amusement parks is not some people’s idea of fun. If you are one of the m...
Why Colorado Summers Are the Best
4 months ago
Colorado is booming in all the right ways. If you want to get a taste of why so many people are moving to Colorado without having to move there yourself and are also looking for a top-notch destinatio...
Sussex for the Holidays
4 months ago
Thanks to social media, you know more about your friends’ vacations than you ever wanted. Your timeline is inundated with serene sceneries and delectable exotic foods from all over the globe. It’s onl...
3 Reasons to Head to Ashe County
6 months ago
Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Ashe County, NC offers residents and tourists, alike, a chance to surround themselves with fresh country air while taking in the natural and cultural attractions A...