Casey Chesterfield

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Avid fans of the hit Game of Thrones television series know that Iceland’s breathtaking scenery plays a major role in its global success. The names that grace Iceland’s houses may not be the Starks or...
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You probably know some families who take extravagant vacations every year. They may seem to live a life of leisure that you can only dream of. And some of these people might actually be in higher inco...
Spend a Week in Jupiter
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Tired of fighting the crowds in Orlando? There’s a lot more to Florida than just the theme parks, and if you fancy a quieter week of water, sun, and fun, you can’t do better than the town of Jupiter, ...
5 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Palm Beach
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Those looking to get away and enjoy the sun, sand, and surf in south Florida will find Palm Beach an ideal destination. There are plenty of places to visit, including Peanut Island, a local park. The ...