Cato Conroy

Cato Conroy is a Manhattan-based writer who yearns for a better world. He loves to write about politics, news reports, and interesting innovations that will impact the way we live.

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Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Saudi Arabia
2 years ago
The Middle East is one of the few places where travelers often feel intimidated about going to. It's common knowledge that going to the wrong country, or even the wrong region, without knowing customs...
How To Be Polite In the Middle East
2 years ago
When you're traveling abroad, it's absolutely vital to realize that you're representing your home country to the rest of the world. Whenever you're outside of your home country, you are a guest in som...
Best War Memorials to Visit in the US
2 years ago
War memorials are incredibly common in America, and it's understandable why this is the case. We've fought in a lot of wars, many people have died, and we are a culture that tends to respect our falle...
Amazing LGBTQ Resorts
2 years ago
If you are gay, lesbian, or trans, planning a vacation can be difficult. In fact, going to the wrong country with your partner can result in you being hurt, charged with a crime, or even killed. Addit...