Charmaine Harris Dunn

I am a Travel Consultant and avid traveller with a passion for travel. I believe that "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness".Trying to bring the world together one destination at a time!

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Cruising Alaska's Inside Passage from Vancouver on a Budget
3 days ago
The natural beauty of Alaska, still teaming with wildlife is an adventure not to be missed; even on a budget, you are able to explore this great country while experiencing five-star luxury onboard Hol...
Why Cruise?
5 days ago
Consider the benefits of seeing the world from the bow of a ship, spending time touring more than one destination, with the added bonus of unpacking only once. Whether you set sail looking for specifi...
Ancient Civilization Within a Modern World
a month ago
First some advice prior to departing your hometown; If you happen to be a social media addict like myself make sure and download a VPN so that while in China you can access your social media. Also, I ...
Girlfriends Getaway
a month ago
The Dominican Republic is an island blessed with beauty style, humility, and a very resourceful population; a population that really knows how to make the most of what they have. I was fortunate enoug...