Chloe Gilholy

Author of 9 books (including Drinking Poetry & Fishman) and over 300 stories across many genres. 

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Cruising Round Japan Was Worth It!
3 months ago
After a long flight and a few nights in Tokyo, I took my first steps onto Diamond Princess, a spectacular boat catering to 3,000 guests of 40 nationalities. To be one of them was a privilege I’ll neve...
Icelandic Memories
4 months ago
Iceland has captivated my heart and soul. Other than a bit of snow and some strong wind, we’ve been very lucky with the weather. For most of the days the sky has been clear, perfect for viewing the no...
Icelandic Punk Museum
5 months ago
I didn’t know what to expect during my week in Iceland, but I didn’t expect to find a punk museum. My knowledge in Icelandic music is limited, but I am a big fan of Björk’s albums, especially Verspiti...
First Morning in Reykjavík
5 months ago
I didn’t think I’d get much done or see a lot, but I did. I had a comfortable night in my pod at Galaxy. I woke up at six, but I didn’t get out of bed until nine. After my shower, strawberries, and po...
First Reactions to Iceland
5 months ago
So just about two hours ago I set foot in Iceland for the first time. As of writing, I am in my shuttle bus that is going to be taking me to my hostel. This is my second time traveling abroad on my ow...
Five Hyped Cities to Travel in 2019
7 months ago
My goal is to travel to thirty countries before I turn 30. I'm 26 now and I'm nearly there. I love travelling, whether it's just a day out in the city or a village nearby, it's nice to discover local ...