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A Quick Guide for First-Time Expats in South Korea
3 months ago
There are different reasons why people become or choose to be an expatriate (or expat). Common reasons include: studying abroad, job relocation, they’ve met the love of their life who prefers to live ...
5 Useful Tips for Budget Travelers in Seoul
3 months ago
As a budget traveler, I appreciate nifty travel guides that can help me make the most out of every trip I do. I’ve lived in South Korea for a little over two years already and traveled to Seoul many t...
Ten Tourist Destinations Outside of Seoul
3 months ago
With the perfect blend of modern and traditional culture, Seoul has been one of the must-see tourist destinations in the world. But there’s a lot more to see in the land of the morning calm, here’s a ...
An Expat Guide to South Korea
2 years ago
I moved to South Korea to pursue my Doctoral Degree last February 2015. I did minor research before coming in, since Philippines and South Korea are both Asian countries, I didn't expect there would b...