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A Quick Guide for First-Time Expats in South Korea
17 days ago
There are different reasons why people become or choose to be an expatriate (or expat). Common reasons include: studying abroad, job relocation, they’ve met the love of their life who prefers to live ...
5 Useful Tips for Budget Travelers in Seoul
19 days ago
As a budget traveler, I appreciate nifty travel guides that can help me make the most out of every trip I do. I’ve lived in South Korea for a little over two years already and traveled to Seoul many t...
Ten Tourist Destinations Outside of Seoul
21 days ago
With the perfect blend of modern and traditional culture, Seoul has been one of the must-see tourist destinations in the world. But there’s a lot more to see in the land of the morning calm, here’s a ...
An Expat Guide to South Korea
2 years ago
I moved to South Korea to pursue my Doctoral Degree last February 2015. I did minor research before coming in, since Philippines and South Korea are both Asian countries, I didn't expect there would b...