Claire Raymond

Claire is an author, editor and copywriter from the UK, with over 12 years of experience she covers a wide range of subject matter. 

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Why I Am Glad I Live In The UK
10 days ago
People are so quick to bad-mouth their own country, and I have never met a nation of people more willing to do this than the British. Nowhere else in the world seems to have this level of loathing for...
Readymoney Beach and Fowey
21 days ago
Until recently, I was under the impression that unless you came to Cornwall on a regular basis, or lived here, then you wouldn't really know much about Readymoney Cove Beach. It turns out I was comple...
Polperro In Cornwall
23 days ago
When it comes to beautiful views in Cornwall, you are spoilt for choice, pretty much everywhere you go there is something stunning to see. But Polperro is one of a few places in Cornwall that ranks wa...
The Beaches Of Cornwall: Carlyon Bay
a month ago
When it comes to Cornish beaches, you are definitely spoiled for choice, with over 400 beaches to choose from, you are never too far away from the sand. And even though I live here, I have only really...
Strange UK Laws
4 months ago
Most of us know the myth surrounding the law about the London black cabbie having to carry a bale of hay and a bag of oats in the boot of the car, and whilst this was technically true at one time, it ...