Conor Hufton

getting better at this writing thing (aka slowly learning the alphabet, learnt how to use pen). Spanning critical writing, fantasy, parody and sci-fi (ruining all of them in the process). 
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Baby Seagulliver's Travels
8 months ago
10th of July for some people was the day David Sedaris performed a book reading in Cardiff, but, for me, it was Tuesday.
The Joyless Jigsaw
10 months ago
Let me disappoint you. Even though he isn’t happy, this post won’t reference the villain from the Saw films. Oh. Well, now it does. Never mind. It’s also not (quite) a full review of a jigsaw. I’ve go...
All Down Rhyl From Here
a year ago
The day of the Katherine Ryan’s performance in Rhyl arrived. But as we were about to find out, the Katherine Ryan gig side of the day becomes secondary after you’ve spent hours in Rhyl. Thankfully tha...
Edible Fairy Lights
a year ago
All characters featured in this and subsequent directly affiliated posts are real. Any resemblance to a specific living person with whom they share names is fully intentional – It’s literally about th...