Courtney Gowland

Welcome to my page! I mostly write about my study abroad experience in the United States of America! I like to give as much as advice as I can so feel free to comment on my posts or ask me any questions! 

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Trying to Find a Cheap Flight to the USA?
9 months ago
So, you know where you are going and are looking to book a flight. Great! When I left for the US in January, I actually booked my flight the October before. If you book it too close, you may come acro...
American Visas! Where to Go and What to Expect!
9 months ago
I am doing this post based on the J-1 visa. I am not too sure of what to do for other Visas, but I can help with the J-1 visa. This is not an easy process, it is probably one of the most difficult, bu...
Tips for the US Embassy in London!
9 months ago
So, as I said I had to travel to London from Manchester in order to attend my Visa application appointment. Now, here you have three options. Drive to London Stay in a hotel the night before Get a tra...
Differences from the UK to the US That You Might Need to Know!
9 months ago
We all love America, but it is very different from home, so be prepared! Here are a few things that might be useful to you, taking into account that I am writing about the state of Georgia, in the South, and that every state has different rules and laws, but I will include broader differences also.