Cynthia Cline

Lover of animals, food, creation, travel, and binge watching too many television shows. 

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Financial Tips for Planning Family Trips
8 months ago
About a year and a half ago my mom brought to my attention a great idea, when planning our family trips all parties going on the trip transfer money into one savings account to keep track of how much ...
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
8 months ago
If you ever find yourself traveling through North Carolina there is a gem north of Charlotte and west of Greensboro known as Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem offers art, innovation, diversity, and the per...
Overcoming the Fear of Moving
8 months ago
Whether you are moving out of your parents for the first time, within the state, or out of state this is a major change and it is very intimidating. If someone would have told me in the past that toda...
Savannah, Georgia
8 months ago
Located on the coast of Georgia separated by the Savannah River to South Carolina is a small tourist town filled with history from the houses to the streets, unique stores, and hidden gems of restaura...