Dani Hendrix

Born and raised in the Sonoran desert// I love to explore new places, write stories, and drink good coffee.

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Amazing Tips for First-Time Travelers
11 days ago
So you have made the wonderful (but sometimes scary) decision to travel the world. Deciding to travel for the first time can be a huge step, and one that is not for the faint of heart. While traveling...
How to Travel for Less Than $500
13 days ago
Traveling doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and there are many ways that people have found to travel the world with little money. I could tell you hundreds of ways to save money on traveling, but ins...
How to Get Cheaper Flights
14 days ago
Traveling can be expensive, and the biggest cost of traveling tends to lie within the price of an airline ticket. Domestic flights on average are a few hundred dollars, and flights out of the country ...
One Week in Ireland - Travel Guide
14 days ago
I have never visited a place as beautiful or as memorable as Ireland. I will never forget driving down the coastline, walking into Irish pubs, hearing Irish accents from locals, and watching hundreds ...
How to Survive a Long Flight
15 days ago
I have never met anyone who actually enjoys long flights. I’m not talking about flights that last a few hours where you can read a good book or get some work done on your laptop. No. I’m talking about...