Daniel Lyddon

Writer-producer.  Welshman scratching the Hollywood itch since 2005.

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Is Egypt Worth It?
2 days ago
I was lucky to visit Egypt on a day trip during a family holiday to Cyprus in 2002. It was a formative experience for me, despite it being a whistle-stop tour of Cairo. We squeezed in time at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, and a visit to the Giza Plateau to see the Sphinx and the Pyramids, as well as the obligatory shopping spree. I didn't know it until I was there, but it was a life-aim to stand inside one of the Pyramids (we visited Khafre's pyramid), and staring into the eyes of Tutank...
Hanging Out in Hollywood
2 months ago
I have fond memories of my first trip to LA—landing at LAX with my best friend, climbing into the hire car, and jumping on the 405 in rush hour traffic to head off in search of some Hollywood magic. F...
Five Eternal City Freebies
3 months ago
Rome is notorious for being expensive to visit—there's so much to cram into your trip that the costs can add up quickly without you noticing. I've been three times now, both as a solo traveler and as ...