Dean Moriarty

writer, artist, musician and photographer

Living Out of a Suitcase
2 years ago
So you may ask: what is it like to be a nomad and live out of a suitcase while travelling around the world? Well, it has its downside but this is small compared to the benefits of a life of adventure. It's not for everyone of course: travelling alone with just a camera, laptop, and suitcase is mostly a solitary existence, so you really do have to like and enjoy your own company, or living in hotel rooms would be an ordeal. But for those who don't want to live in any one place for long, hotels ar...
Around Thailand
2 years ago
Koh Phi Phi Here are some thoughts and experiences of an island in East Thailand called Koh Phi Phi. From Bangkok, it is an overnight bus ride far to the south and then a long boat ride to the small island of Koh Phi Phi. You arrive by boat to alight at the end of the jetty to walk through the many Thais hawking for trade and looking for your guide with a sign for your place to stay. There are no motor vehicles allowed on the island, except one small police bike that stands by itself outside the...
Saigon, Vietnam
2 years ago
This one is about my time in Saigon in Vietnam and the time I had there on the river and around the city. You can fly from Bangkok or take a long bus ride. Saigon, or Ho Chi Min City as the winning general named it, is a big bustling city, with a lot of pedal cycles, but less so now that it is recovering from the war and the tourists are discovering what it has to offer. It’s a clean city, mostly, more so than Bangkok where rubbish is left where it falls. You can hire a very pretty guide for the...