Deia De Marco

Wanderer, tropically addicted, surf/skater, with a constant hankering for chicken wings and a crisp beer. I love to explore, create, share, and appreciate beauty in all of its forms. 

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How I Get Cheap Flights
10 months ago
Generally, when we travel, the most expensive part about the whole trip is just the freaking PLANE TICKET!! Let's be honest here, my bank account is about as healthy as the average college student, bu...
My Impulsive Trip to North Ireland
a year ago
The idea for me to go to North Ireland with my friend was a rather "spur of the moment" decision. As soon as I was able to get even a soft confirmation from my boss that I could get the week off from ...
My Top Airplane Hacks for Flying Internationally
a year ago
After already taking six flights this calendar year, and wracking up a total of over 50 flights taken in my life, I've grown very familiar with spending long periods of time inside an airplane. These ...
Safety Tips Every Woman Should Know Before Traveling Alone
2 years ago
It's a huge wide world to explore. But with more and more reports about sexual assault and abductions in the news, it can seem like an unwise decision for us ladies to adventure alone. Fear not! Trave...