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Long commutes means lots of tunes and podcasts. Daydreamer and people watcher.

10 More of the Best Tin Foil Camping Recipes
8 days ago
My son Jarret is with his mother during the week but with me on the weekend, so I try to plan events that facilitate bonding. I want him to have a lot of fun memories with me and not just think of me ...
11 Most Extreme Places to Camp in the World
12 days ago
I love going camping with my son Jarret. Ever since the divorce, it's been an opportunity for him and I to bond over frugal gourmet like hotdogs stuffed with string cheese and wrapped in bacon or ice ...
Best Backpacking Tents to Bring on Your Next Trip
19 days ago
My son Jarret and I do a lot of camping so that we can bond as father and son, and, hopefully, as men and even human beings. Since I prioritize my relationship with my son, it's important that I own o...
Best Freeze Dried Backpacking Meals
a month ago
Backpacking trips are a great way for me to bond with my son during the weekend when he stays with me. Or, so I've been told on the Visiting Dad forum that I belong to. CoolDad90 and CoolDad91 (no rel...