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Fact Checking (Ch. 1)
6 months ago
January 2, 2019, 8:15 PM—I'm scrolling through my Twitter timeline when I see the following tweet:
Where to Camp for Free in Iceland
a year ago
If you want to read my posts about what to pack when going to Iceland in the summer and what to visit, check out these posts: here AND here. Disclaimer: Unfortunately we did not find a free place to s...
How to Tackle the Ring Road in Iceland in Summer
a year ago
Disclaimer: This is a guide for an eight to ten-day trip. Seven days is not enough to do the ring road! So, you're planning on doing a trip to Iceland in the summer. Lucky you! Now, you can't exactly ...
What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Iceland
a year ago
If you've ever wondered what to pack for a summer trip to Iceland, you're not the only one! Before traveling to Iceland myself, I had to look up different blogposts about what to pack, and I still did...
What To Do Before You Go On Vacation
2 years ago
We all know some people who just go on vacation without a real plan. They sit at the beach for 3 days and then do something fun that was mentioned in a brochure at the hotel. They do have a great stor...