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Why Capsule Hotels Are a Good Idea
14 days ago
If you don't know what a capsule hotel is; it's basically a fancy hostel where, instead of sleeping in bunk beds, you sleep in a literal capsule together with 20-40 other people (all in individual cap...
How to Tackle China, South Korea, and Japan in Less Than Three Weeks
19 days ago
The plan of tackling three countries in three weeks originated from being European and wanting to visit more than one country on our first trip to Asia. We therefore also chose countries that were "ob...
Fact Checking (Ch. 1)
7 months ago
January 2, 2019, 8:15 PM—I'm scrolling through my Twitter timeline when I see the following tweet:
Where to Camp for Free in Iceland
a year ago
If you want to read my posts about what to pack when going to Iceland in the summer and what to visit, check out these posts: here AND here. Disclaimer: Unfortunately we did not find a free place to s...
How to Tackle the Ring Road in Iceland in Summer
a year ago
Disclaimer: This is a guide for an eight to ten-day trip. Seven days is not enough to do the ring road! So, you're planning on doing a trip to Iceland in the summer. Lucky you! Now, you can't exactly ...
What to Pack for a Summer Trip to Iceland
a year ago
If you've ever wondered what to pack for a summer trip to Iceland, you're not the only one! Before traveling to Iceland myself, I had to look up different blogposts about what to pack, and I still did...