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Campsite #9, Asahidake: Camping in the Mountains
14 days ago
Before we get into the blog post, please consider donating to support my freelance writing! Even a little helps You can also follow my blog or social media (links at bottom of page). I was super excit...
Campsite #5, Hoboro: The Wild West Coast
15 days ago
Before we get into the article, here is a link to donate to support my writing. Otherwise you can follow me on my blog or social media (links at bottom of page) My main goal after Asahikawa was to get...
Campsite #10, Biei: A Flourish of Flowers
15 days ago
Biei was by far the most romantic sorta place I visited on my travels. Perfectly-lined fields of grass and dirt waiting for seeds to sprout forth their life into the fresh country air, flower farms bu...
Campsite #8: Return to Wakkanai
8 months ago
Since I was coming back from Rebun Island on a late ferry, the thought of making the steep hike to my beloved hilltop campground wasn't all that appealing. Walking it after a long day of sightseeing, ...
Campsite #7, Rebun Island: A Dr. Seuss Wonderland
9 months ago
Rebun Island was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. I'd rank it as my second favourite place visited in Hokkaido, the only place to beat it being Shiretoko. Something these two places shared...
Campsite #6: Wakkanai, Forest Hill Camping in the North
9 months ago
Of all the campsites I went to, this one was probably my favourite. Before leaving Asahikawa, I searched Google Maps for campgrounds in Wakkanai, Hokkaido's northernmost city, and "Wakkanai Forest Par...