Erik Cartain Farish

21 year old Nursing student from Northwest England, love to travel and see new things, and newly discovered blog writer.

Organise Your Perfect Holiday
7 months ago
Practical and detailed planning and organisation can seem tedious; it can be tempting to take the chance and just ‘go with the flow.’ However, planning and having structured organisation will make you...
New York City: The Big Apple for a Small Bite
7 months ago
New York is the dream destination for many people, but often is perceived as out of their price range and unfeasible. With bright lights, thousands of high end shops, beautiful parks, and the famous N...
Travel for Cheap!
8 months ago
My Personal Best Methods of Getting the Best, Cheapest Deals, Travelling to the Most Exotic and Beautiful Places!
Best Airline?
8 months ago
USA Flights In my opinion the best airline depends on the destination and whom you are travelling with. For example when I travelled to USA on my own, as I only had myself to entertain and take care o...