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Vancouver Photo Guide: Life in Colour
4 months ago
Hi there! Welcome to my Vancouver photo guide! :) I post a lot of photos from around Vancouver on my Instagram and I've had quite a lot of people asking me "Where is that?!" or "OMG I love that mural!...
13 Insanely Cool Movie Locations
5 months ago
Did your fave movie make the list?
The Stereotypical Travel Bucket List
8 months ago
We all want to travel. Everyone has somewhere they want to see, experience, and explore. Funny thing is, those of us "travellers at heart" have quite a few places in common. Actually, we have a lot of...
West Coast Photo Diary | Part One
10 months ago
On Tuesday afternoon, Mitchell called me from work at 1 PM. In the duration of our ten-minute phone call we decided when he got home we would pack up, load the car, and hit the road. A last minute roa...
Vancouver Photo Diary
2 years ago
I moved to Vancouver, BC in the fall of 2016, but I still feel like such a tourist. BC is an exciting place to explore, if you take the time to do it. The mountains, city, and ocean make for a beautif...