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Jujuy: A Travel Guide
2 years ago
Jujuy is one of the main destinations in the north of Argentina — a two-hour flight from Buenos Aires (from the domestic airport near the centre of town). Jujuy (which is not pronounced as you might e...
Cafayate: A Travel Guide
2 years ago
Cafayate is the wine region in the Salta region — the north of Argentina. This is the Calchaqui Valley — at 1700 metres above sea-level this is one of the highest places in the world that is suitable ...
Queenstown: A Travel Guide
2 years ago
Winter isn’t a lot of fun unless you are properly equipped with some skis and a hip flask. It was only a short flight to Queenstown on the South Island of New Zealand but it felt like a world away fro...
Exploring the Costa Blanca
2 years ago
The Costa Blanca is one of the iconic holiday destinations that Spain is famous for. Unfortunately it seems that the Costa Blanca is famous for many of the wrong reasons — over-developed conurbations,...
Salta: A Travel Guide
2 years ago
Salta is surrounded by mountains on all sides — it’s a beautiful city in a unique location. There are about 1.2 million people living in the province, and about 700,000 living in the city of Salta. Th...
Buenos Aires: Live Like a Local
2 years ago
I’m not quite sure what I expected to find in Buenos Aires — perhaps some kind of old-world city full of faded glamour and suave, stylish men who lived life full of tango passion. Buenos Aires is not ...