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A non-smoker who loves to laugh... (and binge on travel, food, movies, fashion, and theatre...). Find me on Twitter @gtvlondon

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Diving Into the Swimming Ponds of Hampstead Heath in London
2 years ago
London is one of those cities that seems to make you work hard to discover some of its best features. The men’s swimming pond at Hampstead Heath is one of those hidden parts of London that you really ...
Barcelona: A Gay Travel Guide
2 years ago
It’s no wonder that Barcelona is such a popular destination – drawing people from across Europe and the world to enjoy its unique combination of warm weather, beach-side location, and a seeming insati...
Aachen, Germany: A Travel Guide
2 years ago
The small German city of Aachen hasn’t necessarily captured the imagination of travellers, but by train it's incredibly accessible and the kind of destination that makes an interesting day-trip whiche...
Are These the World’s 18 Best Gay Beaches?
2 years ago
Wherever you are in the world, it’s always important to have a plan as to when and where you’re going to get your next dose of GBT – Gay Beach Time. GBT is about enjoying the best that summer has to o...
Paint Your Face and Be Part of an Ancient Pagan Festival In England
2 years ago
The time of year now designated as the beginning of May has long been an occasion for the celebration of seasonal change in northern Europe. The end of the winter and the beginning of the warmer weath...
Walking In the Footsteps of the Ancient Romans
2 years ago
I have always been a bit fascinated with the Romans. I won’t bore you with the detailed distinctions between Ancient Rome, the Roman Republic, and the Roman Empire, but suffice to say that the centuri...