James Michael Smith

Writer, film-maker from the UK.

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The Ideal Eating Experience in Hanoi
a month ago
Hanoi has the most singular method to get dinner. It starts by stepping out of the hostel, an impossibly narrow Paris-style terrace, into a cacophony of smog and scooter horns. With a thick humidity h...
The Spontaneous Order of Phuket
a month ago
Strolling through the streets and alleys of Phuket is a constant stream of stimulation. It’s hard to know what to look at with the barrage of color and smells, dodging amateur photographers who find m...
Do You Really Need Money to Travel?
8 months ago
Ahh, the dreaded M-word. Money is the biggest barrier to travel. Like most ‘yeah but’s, there is a large portion of truth in it. Yes, you do indeed need money to travel... mostly. It is possible to ge...