Jenny Beck

I am a chiropractor, health advocate and advocate for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. I love to travel and spent several years working overseas in Indonesia and Ghana. @aslchiro- Instagram

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2 months ago
"Blofonyo!" My mother-in-law's greeting to me is full of affection and warmth. Her term of endearment literally means 'white person,' but has a whole other meaning when she speaks it. When she says it...
2 months ago
'Hi, Bule!" The call of a young Indonesian child makes me turn my head and wave. The child lights up, enthusiastically waving back. I continue walking down the crowded sidewalk, ducking to miss the lo...
Welcome to Saigon
4 months ago
The warm night air covered me like a blanket. People around me were chatting happily while neon lights advertised the stores lining the street. It was late at night but the city was bustling and scoot...
Volcanic Craters and Tea Fields
6 months ago
I stared at the hissing lake, a gray greenish color, spewing blasts of sulfur into the sky. It smelled distinctly like rotten eggs. The crater lake bubbled and roared. It was a scene straight out of M...
Sultans, Temples, and Coconut Rice
6 months ago
I stood in the pre-dawn darkness outside of the Losman (Indonesian hostel) and waited for the bus. When I entered the bus, I was pleasantly surprised to meet two young European women about my age. The...
Tears and Fears in Kakum National Park
7 months ago
"Don't look down," I whisper to myself. Ahead of me lies my nemesis, two planks with a rope handle hanging over empty space. Never a fan of heights, I consider backing out and heading down the mountai...