Jesheckah Lynn

31, First Nation's lesbian in diaspora from home. Mother of cats, caretaker of the grumpy lizard, and snappy crab.  Prone to random relocation and mood changes.

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5 Quick Maori Facts
2 days ago
I spent three years in New Zealand and took a number of Maori history classes from members of the Maori community. Here are some of the facts that I think people get wrong most of the time or don't un...
The Secret World that Exists Within Japanese Temples
8 days ago
Traveling Japan, it is easy to see that everything is well ordered. Even for a country that is so well known in terms of allowing nature and modern construction to co-exist, most of the natural experi...
The Custom of Omiyage in Japan
2 years ago
While Japan is known as a busy and confusing land, filled with technology, amazing food, bright lights, and friendly people, few people actually know of the Omiyage or gifts given when you travel. Whi...