John Hatanaka

Hello, I'm a spiritual mystic, singer-songwriter, and a world traveler with a love of high mountain peaks and rolling waves. I'm living on those things and in that way! You can check out my music too (MountainSage) Enjoy!

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3 months ago
It's three PM on a Friday and I find myself at Clark's Market in the Aspen Downtown core. I've got a guitar in the back of my Honda CRV and I'm passing time. This is the second time that I've been inv...
Japanese Wonders
a year ago
Japan is either hot or cold with one comfortable day in between. That is what I've found in my experience of living in Japan so far. About a three-hour bullet train ride north of Tokyo sits the lovely...
The Opening
a year ago
I couldn't believe that I was in India. Looking over to my left was an alarm clock blinking 10:30 am. At this time the TV was still on, its introductory screen slowly coming in and out of actual sound...
a year ago
It's 10 PM on a Wednesday night and I'm again walking the streets of Tokyo. A steady rain pours down on the road and the drops are light and more like a spray than a rain. As usual, I have my guitar i...
Strawberries That Are Red
a year ago
Often there's a wind up clock in my thoughts that re-lives the day that I moved from Fukushima. What would've happened if I had decided to go surfing after work that day? The morning started with stra...
a year ago
I've been spoiled my whole life when it comes to the availability of outdoor sports that have always been at my fingertips. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado let me experience everything from th...