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Join Jordan as he swims with whale sharks, explores a sea lion colony, swims with a manatee, rides the highest zip line in the world, swims through shipwrecks, explores the best beaches, snowmobiles majestic mountains, and much more.

The Flying Dutchman Zip Line
6 days ago
I finally got to visit the tropical island of St. Maarten. This island has a Dutch side and a French side. Although this island is divided into two, you can travel back and forth without having to go through border crossings. The Flying Dutchman Zip Line is located on the Dutch side of the island and is run by Rainforest Adventures and is located at Rockland Estates. The Flying Dutchman is the world’s steepest zip line. You take a chairlift to the top of Sentry Hill, St. Maarten’s highest point ...