Jordana 💋

I love a good story! Ah to have lived it and told the tale. Beautiful x

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Bachelorette RIP Update: NEPAL
14 days ago
Ok, so ya know I climbed a lot of mountains to get to a really famous mountain, and I nearly died, and blah blah blah–BORING! Let's get to the men, and the ACTION!
Everest Base Camp
22 days ago
Base camp was difficult physically AND emotionally. It's taken quite some time to process, recover, and be able to eloquently articulate why I chose to do this bat shit crazy thing and just how bloody...
Burnt, Drunk, and on the Edge: Pompeii
2 months ago
Vesuvius was just a pretty backdrop for Pompeii up until 79 AD when it started 🚬 and then 💥 BOOM! 💨 Gas, rock, and ash burst high into the air and lava spewed towards Pompeii at one and a half mill...
Capri: A Naughty Dash to Italy's Finest Island
3 months ago
I’m not supposed to go to Capri until tomorrow—with the group, but... we have a free day and the anticipation of this magical, exclusive place is eating away at a few of us. For the sake of our intern...