Tall Irish woman. Amateur writer and photographer. 

Instagram for Urbex/Rurex/Ruins: @beautifully_derelict 

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5 (More) Derelict Buildings of Belfast
5 months ago
Another Selection of Forgotten Belfast Buildings Abandoned and Left to Wreck and Ruin...
5 Derelict Mansions of Northern Ireland
5 months ago
Northern Ireland boasts a number of abandoned Manor Houses, from once superb Linen Houses to now dilapidated Country Estates ... Below are five of such derelict mansions from across the province.
Derelict Northern Ireland - The Former HM Borstal
9 months ago
Borstal: "A custodian institution for young offenders" Recently sold for a mere £1.2 million, the site of the former HM Borstal is huge—covering 43 acres and with numerous buildings, including 27 home...
7 Derelict Buildings of Belfast
a year ago
From schools to churches, shopping malls to hospitals, Belfast boasts a number of derelict sites that are "abandoned in plain sight." Several of such locations are detailed below, each of which is vis...
7 Quirky Sculptures of Belfast
a year ago
Belfast: Host to an array of statues, memorials, and sculptures, each of which is a piece of outdoor public art in their own right and has a place in celebrating the cities’ rich local history. Here a...
Geocaching—the Global Treasure Hunt You Never Knew Existed...
a year ago
So what is Geocaching? In a nutshell, Geocaching is an online game in which participants locate ‘caches’ using the Geocaching app, GPS, and clues. Caches contain a logbook which is signed and the play...