Kader Folles

Hello, my name is Kader. Hopeless Wanderer. Photographer. Van-Dweller.

Two years ago, I swapped my normal, boring everyday life for something extraordinary. Four wheels and true freedom. Destination: Adventure!

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Stranded—10 Days That Changed Our Lives
9 months ago
There are certain days, where we feel drawn in a certain direction. Maybe it’s fate playing her cards, maybe it’s some other spiritual force, we’ll never know. There will be no reason, no logical expl...
9 months ago
Madeira is a popular holiday destination. The Portuguese island offers a mixture of luxury villas, holiday complexes, and wild wilderness. As we flew into the airport it seemed like a maze of holiday ...
Making a Living on the Road
9 months ago
A question that gets thrown around a lot and one I'm sure hundreds of people are dying to know the answer to is 'How do you make a living while on the road'. Having a 'normal' job with a fixed premise...
The Three Van-Dwellers
9 months ago
Having broken down again, we were feeling pretty worse for wear. We were pulled up at the side of a small country road, somewhere in the south of France. However that day, our bad luck seemed to be ba...
A Day in the Life of a Van-Dweller
10 months ago
We woke up somewhere in the south of France, surrounded by cork trees in our own little secret spot. An array of wild herbs filled the air with beautiful scents. Scents that awoke my senses as I slowl...
Hill Farming - A Day in the Life of a Van-Dweller
10 months ago
We set off from the far south stretch of England, northbound to the rolling hills of the Peak District. We had a long drive ahead of us. We were leaving behind the rocky shoreline of Cornwall, to work...