Katie Gaster

22 y/o film graduate with a love of discussing and creating


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A Trip to Athens
4 months ago
In February, my Dad invited me out to Athens, where he was volunteering at a refugee camp. He wanted me to experience the city, so of course I jumped at the chance to explore it myself. It wasn’t a pl...
How One Solo Trip Abroad Changed My Outlook on Life
5 months ago
Last summer, I booked flights for a group trip to Tokyo with some of my uni friends. It was the most expensive and exciting trip I'd ever booked, and I couldn't wait to explore Japan with my buds. Exc...
My Solo Trip To Croatia
5 months ago
Last summer, my time at university came to an end. All of a sudden I was an adult. I had responsibilities, real London rent to pay and work to do. It had been an intense few years in the city and I su...